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We are a Medical Clinic that specialized in Accelerated
Alcohol and Opiate Treatment and Detox. Using a small medical pellet, Sion
Nobel, M.D. will implant the pellet and you will lose your cravings for Opiates
and Alcohol in only a few hours. New medical breakthrough. Proven successful,
life changing results, painless, medical procedure out-patient completed in the
doctors office in less that 15 minutes. We also use Stem Cells or PRP to end
your pain, accelerated process in most cases pain relief in a few hours to a
day or two. We stop the pain, detox you off the pain pills, complete the
implant and your are clean and ready to go forward with a better life for you,
your family and job. Totally anonymous, NO twenty eight days stay at a
treatment center or 10 days in the hospital detoxing, with our medical program
you are never away from your family, friends and job. We do the implant and you
return to work the same day. No one knows but you. We are the ONLY clinic in
the Western Hemisphere that offers Stem Cell/PRP treatment to end pain followed
with our proprietary implant that stops the cravings that lead to addiction.
End the pain, end the pain pills, end the insanity.

address 4954 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 202
phone 800-634-0599
contact person Sion Nobel
contact title Accelerated Treatment Systems
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