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Glass wall systems are
very popular today, due to their elegance, transparency, and style! Thesessystems
give you the greatest possible design freedom, allowing you to be creative in
decorating your residential or commercial space and brightening up any space by
reflecting light.

Curtain Wall offers
comprehensive solutions for all curtain wall and glass envelope projects.
Curtain wall, also called glass facade or glass envelope, refers to the
non-structural outer covering of buildings that are created to keep the weather
forces out. They are composed of lightweight material, which includes aluminum
frames with glass and metal panels. The use of glass in curtain walls helps in
deeper penetration of light within the building and creation of a pleasant
architectural design.

Besides looking
exquisite, glass curtain walls offer protection against wind, water, and other
environmental forces that may otherwise spoil the decor of the building. Glass
Work engineers at Curtain Wall are experienced in restricting light in varying
proportions and adding colors to the neutral appearance glass products while retaining
their natural look. We take pride in offering specialist engineering expertise
and unparalleled experience of developing highly unique customized curtain wall
solutions to decorate shop facades and buildings with two or more floors, thus
creating the design statement for your building.

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