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Plan, Organize and Execute - let's balance life with work. SpanMyLife is a one stop daily life management platform to bring the focus on important priorities of daily life aspect via planners, trackers and tools with consistent presence of affordable and transparent offerings from business and professional. SpanMyLife is a triangle form of the ecosystem to bring people, professional and business in close connection to fulfill people needs via affordable and transparent offerings from business and professional via our offerings system. One of the most valuable possessions in life is Time because it is something that once spent, it can never be recovered. This is why it’s extremely important to spend your time wisely. But how can you spend your time wisely without planning your priority activities properly? In this face-paced world, it’s quite easy to forget the things were supposed to accomplish. It can be very difficult to keep our sanity and our schedule in check. Most people find it difficult to plan for the future and they hardly remember most of the important priority things on time. They cannot create a proper financial or health plan while some people can’t even track their health problems. Many people have lost the ability to care for their family and friend sowing to the huge amount of responsibilities hanging on their shoulders. They are surrounded by so many tasks that 24 hours doesn’t seem enough. This is why SpanMyLife has come into existence. SpanMyLife is a platform equipped with planners, trackers and effective tools which enable us to help people to manage and organize their day to day activities. Having fun is important and doing the right things at the right time will bring more fun and joy to your life. SpanMyLife is here to help you make your life stress-free, balanced and more fulfilled. Transparent and affordable offerings related to people the day to day needs on right time and right price still has a big gap. Business and Professional putting their effort and money to unders and people actual needs and people kind of needs to help them and get more business but real-time day to day communication and the demand-supply relation is missing somewhere.

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contact person Megha Acharya
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